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24 Jul 2017

Too Hot? - Not If You Use A Bottle Warmer!


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Posted By Randall C.

Every mother has gone through this phase in her life when she has had to wake up several times in the night and also in the wee hours of the morning for a baby feed. Whether this feed is formula milk or a previously expressed quantity of breast milk, the fact of the matter is that it needs heating. In most cases microwave heating is not recommended since uneven heating can be an issue. And that is the reason why most mothers appreciate a product called the baby bottle warmer.

Like most other products available these days, baby bottle warmers also come in various shapes and sizes. And therefore, the price of each of them is different. However, the size and shape is not the only reason why you may find options ranging from a few dollars to scores of dollars. The raw material and the quality of plastic, element and other parts used plays an important role in the final cost of the product. Many people can make the mistake of assuming that since these are bay products, they would have gone through stringent checks and regulations to ensure that the final product is an effective and safe one to use. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

There are many cheap brands available in the market that may look similar to the expensive ones but are likely to create problems once you start using them. Some of them may not be made of good quality plastic and may crack or melt. Other may cause uneven heating and result in a bottle with warm milk followed by a surprising entry of cold milk. Uneven heating can result if the steam in the baby bottle warmer is not allowed to circulate properly in the apparatus ensure even heating. This can result in only the lower part of the bottle to be heated adequately, leaving the upper part as chilly as it was when it was removed from the refrigerator.

Even though the uneven milk may not cause the milk to be scalding to burn or scald our baby, imagine the surprise and maybe a scare that it will give him when he suddenly encounters cold milk that he is not used to. In such cases, it is always better to be safe than sorry and invest in some time and effort in researching the right product at the right price. Buying cheap should not be the objective here. What you should aim at is getting a product that is worth its price to ensure that your needs are met adequately.


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