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4 Jul 2017

Baby Feeding: What To Feed My Child Questions


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Posted By Todd S.

Baby feeding tend to cause a lot of issues for parents. It really is a little bit difficult to master particularly if it is your first time. So, here are some matters that you might want to clear up before you get ready to provide for your baby.

Since the baby can't eat by herself yet, the food you give to your baby is crucial in developing the first stages of growth and development. Learning the best food to give her is the best measure to guarantee that your baby will stay healthy and strong.

Baby feeding is simple in the baby's four months of life. The best food to give your child during this time is breast milk, although formula is also a great alternative.

After which, you can start feeding your baby semi-solid foods. This is the next step after feeding your child with milk. Always go for fresh and nutritious foods like carrots and banana, amongst others.

The risk of choking is an issue with baby feeding. Before the baby reaches one year old, do not feed your baby foods like hard candies, peanuts, or popcorn.

Moreover, you should never feed your baby with hot food as this will burn him. So, you might want to try out the temperature of the food first before feeding it to your baby.

Another one of the considerations in baby feeding is allergy. If you are introducing a new food to the baby, make sure to observe the reaction in a week or so. It usually takes that long for the child's immune system to react.

Always remember that fresh is different from raw. Always cook your vegetables thoroughly as some might contain nitrate. Also, to make sure you are not introducing bacteria to your baby, always wash your hands with soap and water.

You are now prepared in feeding your child. If you are having problems with baby feeding, you can always try a playful approach in feeding your baby. In that way, your baby will always anticipate on the next eating time with you.


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