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29 Jun 2017

What You Need When Traveling With A Baby


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Posted By Luther L.

When traveling with a baby there are certain items that you cannot leave home without. Making sure you have enough food and milk for the duration of the journey is essential. In fact it is a good idea to pack more than you need to allow for any delays or mishaps. For the older baby include some finger foods as these will help keep him or her amused! Some other tips are:

* If you need to express milk because you're breastfeeding, you will be able to store it in a cooler with ice for as long as a day. You can also store bottles of premixed formula in the same way -- or else you can add premeasured powdered formula to the bottles, then top it up with cooled, boiled water as you need to.

* There are now cartons of "ready to drink" formula milk which are perfect for the journey itself. However, you need to check whether these cartons are allowed through security at the airport or into other countries if traveling overseas. Powdered formula in a sealed container is not usually a problem.

* If your baby is on solid food these can be carried in a cooler. Finger foods are a good idea (but only when supervised by an adult) as they will also help to keep him occupied. Bananas and avocado pears which can be peeled, mashed and served at room temperature are also a simple solution.

* Not all restaurants and fast food places cater for babies so it is a good idea to be prepared by having your own spoons, forks and dishes. A travel feeding chair is worth considering adding to your list of essential items as it makes feeding baby easier no matter where you are. Wipe clean plastic bibs or disposable ones make sense as they help cut down on the amount of laundry!

* If you need food or milk warming up for you, be extremely careful to check the temperature when it arrives. Obviously waiters or cabin crew may be busy and overheat the food so you will need to wait for it to cool off. With this in mind, plan ahead and put in your request for any food or milk to be warmed well before you're really going to be needing it!

* A lot of parents are concerned about how to sterilize baby's bottles and dishes and cutlery when traveling. There are a lot of products to help with this, from disposable bottle liners to microwave sterilizer bags. Almost all retail outlets that supply infant feeding equipment can offer a range of similar traveling accessories.

* Obviously you will need enough diapers and scented diaper disposal sacks for your trip. If you are going to a sunny climate don't forget to keep your baby in the shade whenever possible but to pack adequate sun protection. You should not use sunscreen lotion on babies younger than six months old. A night light is a good idea for those night feeds - especially in an unfamiliar hotel room.

* To help baby better cope with the journey and help him settle better at your destination don't forget to take his favorite blanket and toy. The blanket will not only give him comfort but it is also useful to block out the light if he is napping in a sky cot on board the plane or to protect from the sun when in his stroller.

* It is best to dress baby in light layers for the journey as then you can add or remove clothes if the temperature fluctuates. Dressing in layers also means it is easier to take off the top layer if baby spill on his clothes. Don't forget to include a change of clothes for yourself - babies love to share the mess around!

I used many of these tips myself when I was traveling with my young babies so I know just how much help they can provide. So please use them and enjoy your trip!


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